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cavanna olii


The Cavanna Olii production plant is located on the Casella industrial estate, 30 kilometres from the port of Genoa. It spreads over a total surface area of 25,500 m2, 8,500 m2 of which are indoors.

Packaging is carried out on 5 highly-automated lines, with a production potential of approximately 300,000 litres per day, the equivalent of more than 150,000 items per day, or rather 30 million items per year.
The company’s commitment to research and innovation translates into investments aimed at improving the quality of produce and production capacity.


Cutting-edge technology in our 5 production lines allows us to bottle the oil in various sizes (from 0.25 lt to 5 lt) and materials (PET, Glass, Tin).

1. Rapid bottling line (up to 18,000 bott/h):
specialised in processing 0.75 lt Marasca glass bottles.

2. Bottling line (up to 8,000 bott./h.):
for different models in glass, from 0.25 to 1 lt.

3. Bottling line (up to 8,000 litres /h.):
for glass and PET bottles, from 0.25 to 2 lt, in different models. Also suitable for multi-packs, from 2 to 4 items.

4. Bottling line (up to 8.000 litres /h.):
for PET, glass and tin bottles, from 0.50 to 5 lt. Ideal for production in containers exceeding the 2-litre size.

5. Line bottling (up to 5,000 bott. /h.):
specialised in small-medium size glass bottles, from 0.20 to 1 lt. Also suited for bottling aromatic oils.


We have invested in a fully-automated, latest-generation filtering system for extra virgin olive oils, which allows us to obtain better filtering quality.
Constant monitoring of all the oil’s physical parameters (temperature, viscosity, clarity, pressure, etc).

Average capacity approx. 120 tonnes per day.


The raw materials are stored in stainless steel tanks which are partly above ground and partly below it, at a controlled temperature: overall capacity stands at approximately 4 million litres.
Storage and warehouse maintenance of the finished product are both managed by special software that permits full product traceability.