60 years of passion and experience in olive oil business.

Why place your brand in our hands?

Cavanna Olii has more than fifty years’ experience in the production of Private Label lines. Reliability, speed, quality and qualified staff are the key points for a business that is now almost 100% of our production. We offer custom-made products to our customers, in flavour, taste and aroma, thanks to the wide range of oils available to us from so many different locations, which all undergo a strict selection process.

We have built long-term relationships with most of our customers, as we have managed to never disappoint their expectations.
We have always worked to guarantee maximum flexibility and innovation in our work and in our customer service, using our plants and the wide range of raw materials we can use and thanks to our sales structure, that employs staff specialised in the sector who also speak several languages.

Our strengths

Product quality means obtaining top organoleptic characteristics in all the oils we offer, but also guaranteeing strict controls throughout the process, using top raw materials and making use of a network of trusted producers.

A thorough knowledge of the market
Speed in processing orders
Customisation of our product range offer
Flexibility in our product range offer
Availability of raw materials
Excellent production capacity
Maximum strictness in quality
Constant technological innovation

All-round service

We have always worked to guarantee the utmost flexibility and innovation in our offer and customer service. We have a wide range of bottles available to meet our customers’ needs.

We give customers the possibility of using our graphic consultants to produce dedicated logos or label designs and other packaging elements.

We can also offer customised products with special organoleptic characteristics, thanks to the wide range of oils that we have available, coming from various locations, so that we can create products that are suited to meeting our customers’ expectations.

Please get in touch with us for an overview of our extra virgin, biological or aromatic oils, packaged or loose, on offer in several types of containers.