Guaranteed quality

The quality system

Cavanna Olii manages production via an accurate quality system: the system identifies and evaluates potential food and agricultural risks, in order to identify any hazards that could affect the quality of the products throughout the procedure and during production. The Cavanna Olii quality system  includes internal and external parties with a sole corporate strategic goal and main aim: customer satisfaction.

A modern approach to quality management and a careful analysis of production processes allows us to eliminate any kind of problem that could affect the finished product.
Each subject involved in the procedure is made fully participant in order to create a TEAM whose goal is to achieve the highest quality of the finish products.


Our company has its own highly specialised test laboratory that allows us to carry out effective analyses and tests; thanks to our collaboration with the top national laboratories, the company can maintain high chemical and organoleptic quality standards.

All incoming and outgoing batches are tested in compliance with the requirements contained in the EU regulation 1348/2013 and the International Olive Oil Council regulations. Said regulations set the tests and methods to be used and adopted.

Controlling the entire process

  • Raw material controls: checks incoming oil samples using precise, pre-established analysis plan.
  • Authenticity controls: checks for the absence of raw materials other than the ones declared.
  • Contaminant controls: checks for the presence of any phytochemicals, halogenated solvents and other spurious substances .
  • Careful evaluation and management of each organisation involved.
  • Evaluation of production flows and analysis of impact on creation of product.
  • Drafting and management of control procedures.
  • Detailed documentation to support various process stages.
  • Management of finished product: accurate procedures establish storage and transport conditions to preserve the quality of Cavanna Olii products.


This is one of our company’s main strengths.
Our highly trained, professional staff are able to select the best quality oils available on the market, depending on the various types of oil to be offered to customers.
We can satisfy any needs for maintaining the highest organoleptic and quality standards, thanks to our own experience.


In order to endorse its own procedures, Cavanna Olii decided to gain certification in accordance with the two main standards aimed at the food industry, BRC and IFS.
Certification of biological products is implemented in accordance with current legislation and certified by  Bioagricert: an independent technical control and certification body for biological food and agricultural production, recognised by the Ministry of Agricultural Policy as a national body authorised to control biological agriculture production.
Cavanna Olii also has Kosher certification.


The company quality system is managed by observing two main standards currently used in the food industry: IFS International food standard and BRC – British Retail Consortium.
These two certifications evaluate production plant conditions, both structurally and with regard to the surrounding environment, as well as the product itself. They also consider safety aspects referring to genetically modified organisms and allergens.

Biological Agriculture

Biological agriculture certification is governed by European legislation – Reg EC 834/2007 and USDA standards, 7 CFR Part 205 (National Organic Program applied in the US).
Biological agriculture is a type of agriculture that takes into account the entire agricultural ecosystem. It exploits the soil’s natural fertility, favouring limited intervention, promoting environmental biodiversity and limiting or eliminating the use of synthetic products or genetically modified organisms (GMOs).
Biological agriculture in Europe was regulated for the first time in 1991 by the EU regulation number 2092/91. This Regulation was then replaced by  Reg. EC 834/2007, which entered into force on 1st January 2009. The new regulation made control systems more rational and biological legislation was thus simplified, creating a platform from which to relaunch this sector. Another important stage  was the new logo to use on our labels.

FDA (Food and Drug Administration)

The Food and Drug Administration is the American government body that carries out controls on the introduction and later sale of the products that come under its jurisdiction, guaranteeing safety in public health.
Cavanna Olii, which has sold its products for several years on the American market, has a code of agreement, thanks to which it is able to supply its products to the American market in compliance with FDA requirements.