About us

We have travelled around Italy and the world for over sixty years in search of the most reliable oil producers, the best raw materials and to meet and introduce ourselves to those who have then become our customers.

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Our quality system includes internal and external parties, with a sole corporate strategic goal and main aim: customer satisfaction.

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Our commitment to research and innovation translates into investments aimed at improving the quality of our produce and our production capacity.

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Production and the market

With its turnover in excess of 100 million Euros, coming largely from overseas markets, Cavanna Olii has been a specialised company for over sixty years, with a production that is mainly allocated to a Private Label customer base.

Sales in overseas markets90%
Production vs. potential 60%
Private Label turnover95%
Countries that we work in
Production lines
Packs per day
Production plant in m2

One of our main strengths is the selection of oils.
Each week, or even each day during harvest, our expert tasters and our owner choose the best extra virgin olive oils from among hundreds of samples taken from the best-known production areas, depending on the blends that are to be produced, and manage to obtain well-balanced, high quality products that are suited to our customers’ requests.

The Cavanna line

A wide range of products with certified quality, carefully selected raw materials, taste and versatility of use in the kitchen. Cavanna Olii’s experience can be found in their extra virgin olive oils, in their biological range…

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Private Label

95% of our production is Private Label: we have always worked to guarantee utmost flexibility and innovation in our offer and customer service, both through our plants and the variety of raw materials used and through our sales structure, that employs specialised staff who speak several different languages.

Owing to the wide range of different types of oils used, we are able to offer custom-made products with special organoleptic properties, so that we can create products that can satisfy our customers’ expectations.